Bomb Girl

Illustration I did a few days ago. Had the sketch for a few weeks and I just went over it with my new Pigma Micron .02, and the old PITT pen. I was going to try some photoshop colour to this - maybe later. If anyone wants to take a crack at it, show me what you did, I'm always looking for a good colourist.

Rough Stuff

These are some roughs from my vacation, just to get some good reference material while working on Red Plains. I was going to purchase a cowboy hat for ref. but didn't want to haul it back with me, so I opted to draw various angles. And swiped some horse, etc., work from the comic Scalped. Good book. I'm going to the park today, it's really warm. Maybe I'll sketch some people.

Visible Designs

Grandfather Illustrations

An author contacted me recently to illustrate eight images for his novel which is forthcoming. Here are two of the completed scenes - along with the 3rd and final draft before completion of the two. The book centers around a grandfather and his grandson - each chapter has very teachable moments and the images are to encapsulate those chapters/ themes. Once the book is published and images are actually printed I'll post more scenes/information.

I used some heavy watercolour paper which absorbed the ink and also provided a good 'tooth.' India ink and a 102 Hunts nib was used for the final product.

It was a debate for myself to go with a typed font or hand made (which is certainly not as steady looking). It really depends on what aesthetic you want.

Red Plains issue 6

This is page 2 of issue 6 which has been posted on Top Shelf. I've just finished the pencils for the rest of this issue and will start the inking process tomorrow. I've been watching inking videos all day on YouTube. I stumbled upon them randomly today - it was great watching artist do up sketches at con's, and there was a Jim Lee tutorial (ignore the recording guy) - moving from draft to inks. This was a good spot with multiple artist, including Romita Jr. Francis Yu's Hulk - love his work, Hulk's ok I suppose. Check them out - and anyway I was second guessing my own inking process and may consider some other options but I'll have to wait until next arc because time's ticking for these pages.

Visible Designs

Vacation Ding Dongs

After being on vacation for a month it was good to get back and start some productive creativity. If only for the change in atmosphere, setting and use of brain power. I did keep at it though, getting some pages done while away. There's a great cafe in Kentville, where I stayed, Just Us - a fair trade coffee spot. A good view, even for a little town, and I captured some of the buildings across the street while enjoying coffee and a great oatcake.