Graphic Images

These are two new images I drew for my new gallery show at the Designer Cafe.  These are going to be part of a new series I'll work on, and hopefully by the time of my next showing I'll have a larger selection.  They were complted with Indian Ink/Brush and Pigment marker.

Nova Scotia Barns

Here are eight barns from around Nova Scotia, done with pen and ink on board.  I've been working on these for most of 2012 and they are currently on display at the Designer's Cafe Gallery in Kentville.  These barns were a pleasure to do, and are now part of my first gallery.  These are photos, not direct scans, so the yellow was a by-product of the upload process.

Novel Cover

This is a proposed cover for the novel previously mentioned, about the grandfather and his grandson.  Colour was an option, but withheld to this point.

Girls Would Kill covers

A friend, Joe Hooley, had me do some mock ups for the cover to his bands first recorded release. Check out Girls Would Kill here for some music samples. I like Roxycontin. These covers are three which sum up the process I was going through - I probably have about eight or nine images to date, and we're still looking at maybe the final one, it's almost there!

Medicine Show Pages

These are the five pages I submitted for the Oni 2009 Talent Search. The script is called Medicine Show.

Red Plains Issue 8

These are two splash pages for the upcoming chapter 8 of Red Plains, viewable on TopShelf.

Red Plains #7

Here's an image from the 5th page of issue 7. After using the ink I tried some charcoal - the blurry greys you see, for some shading. I splashed water over it with a brush to both adhere it to the page and blur it into the picture itself. It worked alright though I may try another effect for grey tones later on - it didn't have the exact look I was hoping for. This arc should hit Topshelf soon.