Red Plains pt 2

These are some samples of pages from the second half of chapter 5. I worked more of the screen(zip)tone into the pages which can be tricky but much easier to do in Photoshop than cutting and dicing the live sheets. It gives a nice shade for b+w images but eludes to manga which may be ok or cause adverse reactions in others. Visit Flickr for a few more pages.

Red Plains

The first 11 pages of issue 5 have been uploaded to Flickr so you can preview it without the dialogue. I'm half through the next 11 and the comic should be on Top Shelf soon. The first pages were inked with Faber-Castell "Pitt" pen with bold (in place of a brush) and fine (in place of a nib). They are easier to use, but I don't think I like the feel and style they have - I'm trying the current pages with brush and nib exclusively and though it just gave me carpel tunnel, it's looking good.

The above page is the pencils before the inks.

Big White Tilted Table

I have a preoccupation with my work desk – it’s like a mini-home, but I just sit there and it has little that would help me survive in any real sense. But it’s comforting to be there surrounded by work you enjoy. Like the office, but almost in reverse. Here’s a shot of me working on the ending few pages of Red Plains (without me in the picture). My sketch book, some straight edges, plenty of marking tools and some ink.

The tools I use on any random page are represented here. The top has the Staedtler lightfast marker I like for ruling out panels, and that’s pretty much it for him. Some Speedball ink – good, but can use with a bit of thickening. Fat eraser. Down left there’s Hunt’s 102 nib, Q #2 series 5L watercolour brush, dark and light blue pencils (as seen in the image), a 2h and 3B pencil. Sometimes I branch out with different things, but I get by with what’s here.

Cowboy Hats

I ended up renting some Western movies for inspiration before starting any work on Red Plains. Appalooza, then 3:10 to Yuma. Both were great, just different from each other. Also this bizarre Japanese over-the-top flick presented by Quinten and I can’t remember the title. There were some really cool cowboy designs though. Anyway I sketched out some hat shots because I think cowboy hats are one of the most difficult things I’ve had to draw. Does this say something about my spatial eye?

Red Plains

Caryn A. Tate recently contacted me to work with her on her continuing comic series Red Plains. It's a b+w Western (naturally) that I'll be taking over from artist Noel Tuazon for Top Shelf 2.0. Just finishing up pages 1-11 of the 5th story arc, I'm starting the thumbnails for the next 11 pages. Here are the finished inked (along with some ziptone I tried experimenting with) pages 6, 9 and 10. You can read the story from the start here and my pages should be on the site soon.