Red Plains #7

Here's an image from the 5th page of issue 7. After using the ink I tried some charcoal - the blurry greys you see, for some shading. I splashed water over it with a brush to both adhere it to the page and blur it into the picture itself. It worked alright though I may try another effect for grey tones later on - it didn't have the exact look I was hoping for. This arc should hit Topshelf soon.

Cold Days Hot Food

Yes this is my first really good BBQ to kick off the season, and no, it’s not the selection platter. This was my plate. And I did eat it all. I’m really into the kebab love this year and might try the next one with a marinade of chimichurri sauce. Dig that.

This sketch may not be finished yet – I’m liking how it looks and may keep it. Or I could try a grey tone, some colour instead, or just fill it in with black ink lines. We’ll see.